Outfitting Your Man Cave

The Man Cave.

A simple yet misunderstood idea, the beginning origins of the man cave can be traced back over centuries. Many famous men throughout history had their own versions of man caves: Thomas Jefferson had his study at Montecello, Ernest Hemingway had a writing room and even Winston Churchill would be seen with a brush in hand at his very own art studio.

For a long time, men have needed these solitary confines to take respite from the burdens and responsibilities of everyday life. Today, many men decorate spaces inside their homes or garages to give themselves this much-needed area. The décor often reflects the things that these men hold dearly: sports, games, music, television and many other items that pique their interest. Outfitting today’s man cave requires thought into the man himself, and we are here to help. Here are the things men need to make their man cave great:


Undoubtedly the centerpiece of almost any man cave, the kegerator is perfect for dispensing brand name or homemade brews to your friends during game days or just when you’re hanging out. Kegerators can be installed in a wet bar or run freestanding; either way you set them, the result is the same: delicious, cold draft beer.

Our Favorites:

EdgeStar Slim Kegerator     EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator     True Dual Tap Kegerator

EdgeStar Slim Kegerator          EdgeStar Full-Size Kegerator          True Dual Tap Kegerator

Beverage Refrigerator

One of the best tools for your man cave is the beverage refrigerator, which can easily hold all that a man needs to survive. Able to store drinks like sodas and beer, as well as some food items that can last in low temperatures, the beverage refrigerator is an integral necessity to make your man cave even manlier.

Our favorites:

Danby Beverage Center     EdgeStar 120 Can Beverage Cooler     Danby Built-In Beverage Center

                            Danby Beverage Center            EdgeStar Beverage Cooler      Danby Built-In Beverage Center

Snack Machines

Something that is often overlooked in most man caves is an appropriate snacking machine. Men who forget this small but important detail generally have to leave the cave and head to the kitchen, which is a task that is unnecessary and avoidable if you stock your cave with essential foods and machines that can produce delicious snacks in little time.

Our Favorites:

Great Northern Popcorn Hot Dog Machine     Electric BBQ Grill Plate     Professional Popcorn Maker

                                   Hot Dog Machine                     Electric BBQ Grill Plate           Professional Popcorn Maker

 Wine Cooler / Racking

Wine collecting, tasting and drinking have become hobbies and pastimes for many men throughout the ages, and today’s modern, refined man is no different. For those man caves with a cultured palate, wine coolers are perfect for keeping your reds and whites chilled to perfection, while wine racks help you to store your collection during the aging process.

Our Favorites:

EdgeStar 21 Bottle Wine Cooler     Avanti 8 Bottle Wine Fridge     Wine Cellar Innovations 26 Bottle Scallop Rack

                              21 Bottle Wine Cooler              8 Bottle Wine Refrigerator               26 Bottle Scallop Rack

Deep Fryer

If there is one thing men love eating more than steaks, it is a deep fried steak. Men have deep fried everything from Oreos to butter, and modern technology allows your man cave to be suited with the latest in food frying machinery. For game days or just snacks, you can be sure to deep fry anything you want when you want it.

Our Favorites:

T-Fal Emerilware Deep Fryer     Bayou Classic Deep Fryer     Deni Mini Deep Fryer

                             Emerilware Deep Fryer            Bayou Classic Deep Fryer                 Deni Mini Deep Fryer

The Different Types of Kegs

Simply put people love beer!  You love to try new types of beer, you love hanging out with friends while drinking beer or maybe even brewing your own, so you decide the next step is finally buying a kegerator.   The big question is what type of kegerator do you want, but before you choose your new beer dispenser you should know what types of kegs are out there. Did you know there are six different types of kegs?  Here is a quick guide to help you on your way to becoming a Master Cicerone (an expert on beer).

Mini Keg (5 Liters)

The mini keg, nicknamed “Bubba,” is a 5 liter keg.  This keg is produced for retail sales and you can only purchase specific beers, which limits your choices.  There are more and more labels popping up to make mini kegs, some of the  beer companies currently are Heineken, New Castle,  Beck’s, Coors and Miller Light to name a few. This is a great keg size for small apartments or if you want the party to become portable.

A mini kegerator will hold and dispense your beer all from your kitchen counter top, so you don’t need to worry about having much space if you decide to go the mini keg route. A mini keg is equal to about 10.6 pints, so enough beer for a small get-together or a few people.

Cornelius Keg (18.9 Liters)

The Cornelius Keg has a few nicknames “Corny Keg,” “Pepsi Keg” and “Home Brew Keg.”  The origin of this type of keg is it was originally used by the soft drink industry and can be used to store and dispense homemade sodas and home-brewed beer. There are also two varieties of connectors which attach to the ports: pin-lock and ball-lock which is useful to know since they are not interchangeable. Historically, pin-lock kegs were used primarily by the Coca-Cola company, while ball-lock kegs were used primarily by Pepsi.

The most common use nowadays of the corny keg is for home brewing as opposed to bottling the beer.  They are easier to fill and maintain and are preferred over bottling for conditioning purposes.  Another common use for this keg is it’s also good for micro-brewing.

Sixth Barrel (19.8 Liters)

The Sixth Barrel is sometimes referred to as “Sixtel,” “Log” and “Torpedo.”  This is not a widely used keg as it is mostly used for breweries when they want to use a smaller keg than a half barrel.  The sixth barrel is typically the same size as the Cornelius.  This size lends itself to be a great choice for retailers with a small space but want to showcase a large variety.  Common uses for these kegs are for home brews and micro brews, but these you can also use with a dual tap kegerator which is good to keep in mind.  This keg functions identical to its full size counterpart.

A sixtel is equal to about 42 pints of beer and only weighs around 58 pounds when full, so a great alternative to a half barrel keg for a party.

Quarter Barrel Keg (29.3 Liters)

The Quarter Barrel also goes by “Pony Keg” and “Stubby Quarter.”  The name simply comes from it being a quarter of a barrel and is half the size of a standard beer keg (called a half barrel).

The size allows it to be moved easily but you do need to do all the same setup as a large keg.  You need to provide a deposit when purchased from a store and will need to get a tap to serve.  This keg is great for small parties or watching the game with a group of friends. Pony kegs typically hold about 62 pints of beer.

Slim Quarter (29.3 Liters)

The Slim Quarter is also known as “Slim ¼” and “Tall Quarter.”  The name says it all, this keg is the exact capacity as the quarter but just slim.  The difference between the slim and the regular quarter is not just the shape but the slim can be used with a dual tap kegerator.  That means not only is it smaller and easier to maneuver like the quarter but more versatile and can be used with a dual tap application.  This is not a keg that is as widely known though, so most people use a sixth barrel keg or a corny keg when setting up a dual tap system.

When full, the slim quarter weighs around 87 pounds – same as the pony keg.

Half Barrel (58.7 Liters)

Simply put, this is the “Full Size” keg.  This is the mostly commonly known type of keg and is basically a great party waiting to happen.  You’ve probably seen this keg at parties and for large functions. If you’ve been to a frat party once in your life, this was the large wonderful barrel dispensing your beer perhaps propped in a garbage can filled with ice.

For home bars and nicer functions than a frat party, this can be used with a home kegerator.  While a half barrel is a lot of beer (around 124 pints), when used with a kegerator, it can keep the beer fresh for up to a few months. This will only work with a Co2 dispensing system though, not an air pump, as the air will cause the beer to eventually go flat after a day or two.

Here is a helpful chart for a quick comparison of all of the kegs. Happy and safe drinking!

Keg Comparison Chart: