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WTF is a Margarator?

We’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in home appliances here at Kegerator.com, and one of our employees recently came across “margarators” while combing the net for interesting beverage dispensers.

Curious to find out more about this “mystery product”, we had some questions: Was it refrigerator-based like a kegerator? Can you build them into your counter space? And more importantly – is it as convenient as pouring from a keg? For example, can you purchase a large volume of already mixed margarita (like a keg of beer) for optimal serving ease?

After some more research we found that we, in fact, carry a selection of products that could be called “margarators”… So what is one? Well, a margarator is a machine used for blending and mixing frozen drinks both alcoholic and non (we call it a margarita machine). It’s different from a blender because the blades are crafted to specifically cut through ice and fruity deliciousness. And, instead of just selecting a speed, you can adjust the setting by consistency to ensure your concoctions turn out just right. Plus, the majority of “margarators” have more power than your average kitchen blender and include a built-in spout for easy pouring. It’s really a “must-have” for all margarita and frozen drink lovers.

If you’re going to get one (and you should), don’t be a fool and call it a “margarator”. Why? Because unlike a kegerator, the unit does not always chill and serve the contents (the commercial ones do, though), so naming it a “margarator” (which is seemingly synonymous with the term “kegerator”) just plain defies the logic of the name since it does not serve the same purpose of a kegerator.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this hot topic. Do you think margarator is a fitting name for these products?

BYO Magazine

JB Teaching Brewing ClassThis is a guest post from our buddy JB at Austin Home Brew. John “JB” Brack has been with Austin Homebrew Supply for 10 years, and homebrewing for 17 years. A member of The Austin Zealots homebrew club, JB also enjoys cycling, softball and cooking. JB is an associate editor of Brew Your Own Magazine, and chief instructor for Austin Homebrew Supply’s line of homebrewing and wine making classes.

Austin Homebrew Supply will be hosting a Brew Your Own Magazine (BYO) subscription rally, and local brewers showcase at the store on Saturday, February 11th. The event will feature BYO Magazine editor Chris Colby heading up a subscription rally with special offers only available during this event! We will also have a number of nearby breweries represented at the event. The neighborhood right around Austin Homebrew Supply has blossomed into a haven for production craft breweries and brewpubs in recent years, and we felt is was about time that we got everyone together for an event! Details are being worked out and will be posted to the Austin Homebrew Supply website and Facebook pages as they become available.

If you have never visited Austin Homebrew Supply, you should stop in and see what we are all about. We have all the proper equipment, ingredients and expert advice to help you succeed at creating your very own handcrafted beers, wines, meads, ciders, cheeses and sodas. Known nationally for our excellent service and quality products, we are open 7 days a week. We are located at 9129 Metric Blvd. right behind Pep Boys on the northbound service road of Hwy. 183 at Metric Blvd. Phone 512-300-2739.

You can also view instructional videos, and interviews, etc. at our YouTube page.

Coolest Bev Fridge Ever. EVER.

There’s nothing better than cracking open an ice cold beer on a hot day. However, there’s also something to be said about throwing back a cold one on a brisk day. Either way, cold beer is delicious beer. We. Like. Beer.

We at kegerator.com recently went on a quest to find a beverage refrigerator that could reach seemingly freezing temps without leaving your beer in ice cubes at the end of the day. Well, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the coldest (and coolest) beer refrigerators were actually our very own freestanding EdgeStar models: BWC120SS, BWC90SS, and BWC70SS. These units get temperatures as low as mid 30’s degrees F whereas others in the market only get to low 40’s degrees F. And not to brag or anything, but we have three different sizes so you can choose which one makes the most sense for your lifestyle and/or space constraints.

Yeah, we think it’s pretty cool (no pun intended) too.


Local Brewery Wins Battle But Not War

There are countless things that make the city that houses our headquarters (Austin, Texas) great, one of them being the enthusiasm for cold drinks and the brands that create those delicious beers, wines, and liquors. Local brewery, Jester King, and its two co-plaintiff’s Authentic Beverage Company and Zax Restaurant & Bar, recently won a case against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) regarding a select few of its strict rules.

The ruling basically said that you can now call it like you see it – beer can now be called, “beer” and ale can now be referred to as “ale” (whereas it was not allowed before).  The conclusion also resulted in allowing craft breweries to let their fans know where they distribute their goods (AKA adding a “where to buy section” on their websites).

However, craft breweries are still not treated as wineries and cannot sell their product onsite under the Equal Protection Clause.

Though they didn’t win it all, we’re supportive of the craft brewers here in Austin and proudly store their bottles of beer or kegs in our beverage coolers and kegerators.

Cheers and happy holidays!


And The Winner Is…

Kegerator.com sponsored an employee beer brewing competition over the month of November, and the winner was recently announced. There were four participating teams:  Rainbow Ale, Brew Ha Ha’s, Holiday Five Pack, and Schlitz and Giggles.

All put up a good fight – but ultimately, the judges had to choose just one to be the winner. And how did they determine the best beer you ask?

We arranged for a panel of beer aficionados (the brew class instructor from Austin Homebrew and two unbiased company execs) to rank the brews. They came to an undisclosed location (AKA an upstairs conference room) for scoring each team’s batch based on the following four criteria:

  • Presentation
  • Aroma and head retention
  • Flavor
  • Overall perception

JB, our brew class instructor and actual beer expert, lead the tasting – giving Rick, our CEO, and Peter, one of our VPs, his insights throughout the process. Interestingly enough, the scores came out synonymously, which affirmed a true winner.  Phrases used to describe the victor included, “excellent, almost-commercial, and a true first place.”

The winner was Schlitz & Giggles’ Meadow Muffin, a medium-bodied brown ale with hints of chocolate and malt. Out of a possible 120 points, Meadow Muffin came in at a not-too-shabby 102.


Kegerator.com congratulated its first ever beer brewing competition winners with a trophy of a home brew keg and tickets to a local beer tasting event.

Holiday Brew – 3 Beers To Make Your Season

So “they” say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we can’t help wonder if it’s because how “they’re” spreading holiday cheer. It’s getting darn right cold outside, and there’s really nothing to ignite a jolly facade like the right seasonal beer. It’s cool if you’re the type of person that likes to stick with your favorite beer year-round, but if you’re looking to mix things up a bit, we’ve got a few suggestions for you to try during the colder months.


Perhaps you’re having a dinner party and the menu is nothing short of giving your guests the meat sweats. We suggest Lake Front Brewery’s Holiday Spice Lager such an occasion. It’s a full-bodied lager with cinnamon, orange zest, clove, and sweet, sweet lip lickin’ honey.


Maybe you’re just doing appetizers and desserts for an evening — there’s nothing better than Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale. This brew has just the right amount of thickness and bitterness to counteract tart and sweet foods with a spicy kick. Expect cinnamon and ginger flavors.

Last but not least, we suggest the Cisco Winter Woods. This beer will warm any palate with its rich flavors of honey, cherry wood-smoked malt, grapes for Pinot Noir, and spices. With this one, you get both the sour and the sweet so pair accordingly. It’s good with smoked cheeses and breads.

These three are just a sampling of our favorite winter beers at Kegerator.com though there are many more excellent choices. We’d love to hear about what your favorite seasonal brews are and what you pair them with — after all, it is the season of sharing. Cheers!